Do LED floodlights need explosion-proof features?

The viewing angle of the projected light is wide or narrow, and the transition range is between 0°~180°, and the narrow light is called the illuminating lamp.

The Home Security Lights is partially composed of electro-optical components, mechanical parts, and electrical equipment components Electro-optical components are mainly wave guides and light-blocking grids that define the light source and projection lamps. The main mechanical parts are the cabinet, and the zoom organization that fixes and adjusts the light source part, the support frame and the base of the fixed light fixture, and the parts that adjust the light projection direction of the light with the visual angle indicator. For most of the closed floodlights, the mechanical parts also include maintenance laminated glass and various sealing rings. Depending on the natural environment of the application, some also contain a metal mesh cover. The floodlight with excellent characteristics is also equipped with an air filter. The electrical equipment components are mainly electronic ballasts, power capacitors, and trigger principles (based on the light source).

Explosion-proof characteristics of LED floodlights

The explosion-proof characteristics of LED lamps mainly refer to the lamps' regulations on combustible gas and smoke, which can avoid internal electric isolation and flames. So what are the explosion-proof characteristics of LED floodlights that are often used as outdoor landscape lighting?

The housing of the Garden Security Light is firm, safe, and reliable in application. In daily industrial production and operation, it is basically closely related to daily applications. It can be seen that its utilization rate is high. In addition, the light

transmittance is also very good, the use time is long, and the method of sealing is selected.

Moisture-proof, anti-fouling, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant characteristics. It can be used in some wet, cold or corrosive natural environment, and it is not easy to cause harm. The floodlight is simple and robust. The switching power supply of the commodity is sealed according to the glueing method of the bare board in the cavity of the switching power supply. Its advantage is to prevent flames caused by flames in the middle of the power circuit. The defect is that it cannot be maintained in the middle and late stages. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the explosion-proof characteristics of the Outside Security Lights, and it is suitable for outdoor applications.

Post time: Sep-28-2021