How to choose outdoor LED products

With the continuous improvement of LED light efficiency and the continuous development of LED products, my country’s urban lighting has fully entered the era of LED lighting. LED lighting technology is playing an increasingly important role in urban landscape lighting. At the same time, this also means that outdoor lamps have higher and higher requirements.

Outdoor led lamps are energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, good performance, long life, and low maintenance costs. Generally used lamps include: flood lights, wall washers, linear lights, underground lights, step lights, window lights, garden lights, etc. When choosing outdoor lighting fixtures, the overall considerations are as follows:

1.Safety issues: Project buildings, especially ancient buildings, are mainly made of wood. The wooden structure itself is flammable. When there is an ignition point on site, it is easy to be ignited. Therefore, when doing lighting projects, The flame retardant grade of the lamp needs to be considered. The higher the flame retardant grade, the higher the safety.

12313 (1)2.Anti-U-V grade: Anti-U-V grade is simply the product’s ability to resist aging and yellowing. The main influence is: ultraviolet rays. If the lamp shell changes yellow, it will affect the running effect of the lamp on the project. The light efficiency will drop linearly. The higher the U-V resistance level, the less likely to be aging, deformation and cracking, and the stronger the yellowing resistance.

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3. Anti-salt fog: seaside, hot and humid areas, salt fog corrodes the lamps seriously, prone to electrochemical corrosion reaction and damage the lamps.

4. Waterproof: For outdoor lamps, a fatal problem is waterproof. This is another key factor related to the life and stability of the lamp. Especially in landscape lighting projects, the stability of the product is the first, sometimes even more important than the color rendering index and light efficiency, because the maintenance cost of the landscape lighting project is very high.

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Post time: Dec-13-2021