Nest Cam with floodlights as a smarter outdoor security

In addition to the indoor wired Nest Cam, Google also launched the Nest Cam with floodlights. Smart home devices and security cameras allow homeowners to glimpse outside the home even at night. Floodlights provide ambient lighting to welcome people to your home while preventing uninvited guests from approaching. It is needed these days, especially when it is dark. Since most people stay at home, it is important for people to feel safe and secure at all times.
When activity or movement is detected, this Google Nest Cam with Floodlight will turn on. The floodlight camera can be easily installed. Use it to replace your existing camera, or even an external light fixture anywhere around your porch or house.

The Nest Cam at night can replace your existing lighting. It is also a smarter floodlight because it can detect the activities you want to monitor. Like the indoor version of the camera, you can also set the active area.
This smart home camera has enhanced Nest Cam features such as on-device processing, built-in intelligence, active area, local storage fallback, 180-degree motion sensor, 2400 luminous ambient light and IP 66 rating. You can use other Nest devices (such as monitors and speakers) to set up the routine. It also has a durable design, so it can stand the test of time.
The Nest Cam with floodlight combines a security camera and a high-quality LED floodlight into one. It is wired, so there will be no interruption. It is suitable for Nest Aware subscription, so you can expand and view the video history.78ddb2b2a25bb415748cf1bf3206154

Post time: Oct-18-2021