Raw materials and characteristics of floodlights

Floodlight, English name: Floodlight is a line light source that can be symmetrically directed in all directions. Its direct range can be adjusted at well. In the scene, it is mainly represented as a regular octahedron sign. Floodlights are the most common light source used in the design of renderings, and standard floodlights are used to light up all scenes. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene. Put the light bulbs used for shooting into the large and medium-sized reflector umbrellas to produce good practical effects for the application of high-brightness external diffusion light sources. Although it is indispensable for arch lighting fixtures, it can also be regarded as one of the good sources of lighting fixtures for indoor photography in general amateur groups.

Introduction: Security Lights are not stage spotlights, spotlights, or track spotlights. Led Security Light produce diffusely reflected, non-directional light with high-aspect ratio, not clear light from the contours, so the black shadows are mild and completely transparent. When used to illuminate objects, the rate at which the luminaire becomes weaker It is much slower than the stage spotlight lighting fixtures, and even some floodlights whose lighting fixtures weaken very slowly, seem like a light source that does not cause shadows. On the other hand, the stage spotlight projects a defined, well-defined light, illuminating a special area.

Raw materials: The lamp arm is made of aluminum alloy casting and the surface is treated by electrostatic powder spraying. The coating is heat-resistant, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and embrittlement. Pure aluminum profile, a variety of vertical surface design solutions, produce a variety of different requirements of led luminous flux, high special effects, glare small light source can be based on customer satisfaction, can apply single-ended or two-ended metal halide lamps Or use E40 or RX7s for metal halide lamp. The mask is 5mm tempered laminated glass, which is safe, heat-resistant, high-toughness, and good in light transmittance. The sealing strip is sealed with anti-corrosion silica gel, which has good airtightness, moisture-proof and anti-fouling. Use excellent electronic ballasts, trigger principles and capacitors to ensure that the electrical equipment characteristics of lighting fixtures comply with national standards. The internal wiring is millimeters. 2 PVC applicable markers, stadiums, city squares, flowers and trees, advertising signs, underground parking lots, Housing construction walls, etc.

Raw materials and characteristics of floodlights


Outside Security Lights as a substitute for energy-saving lamps have been recognized by more and more people, and they have long been used in many industries. Its main features are as follows:

1. Service life expertise: general fluorescent lamps, daily fluorescent lamps, LED energy-saving lamps, and other metal halide lamps all have tungsten filaments or electrical grades, and the magnetron sputtering effect of tungsten filaments or electrical grades just limits the life of the lamp Certain parts. The high-frequency stepless discharge lamp requires no or less maintenance and has high reliability. The service life reaches 60,000 hours (calculated by 10 hours per day, the service life can be more than ten years). Compared with other lamps: 60 times of fluorescent lamps; 12 times of LED energy-saving lamps; 12 times of fluorescent tubes; 20 times of high-pressure sodium lamps; the longer service life of floodlights greatly reduces the trouble of maintenance and repair. The frequency of disassembly and replacement saves raw material costs and labor costs, and can ensure long-term normal application. Because the Garden Security Light has no electrical level, it illuminates by closely combining the basic principle of the magnetic effect of the current and the basic principle of fluorescent charging and discharging, so it will not have certain parts that limit the service life. The service life is only determined by the quality level of the electronic components, the circuit principle and the production and processing technology of the foam body. The general service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours.

2. Environmental protection and energy saving: Compared with fluorescent lamps, environmental protection and energy saving are up to 75%. The lumen value of the 85W floodlight and the lumen value of the 500W fluorescent lamp are about very good.

3. Environmental protection: It uses solid amalgam, even if it gets rid of it, it will not cause environmental pollution to the natural environment. It has an availability rate of over 99%. It is a true environmental protection emerald green light source.

4. No flicker: Because of its high output power, it is regarded as "completely without flicker effect", it is not easy to cause eye fatigue, and protects eyesight and physical and mental health.

5. Good color rendering index: The color rendering index is more than 80, and the color temperature of the lamp is mild, showing the natural color of the illuminated object.

6. LED color temperature is optional: from 2700K to 6500K according to customers must choose, and can be made into colorful light bulbs for garden landscape decoration design lighting lamps.

7. High proportion of visible light: In the outgoing light source, the proportion of visible light is more than 80%, and the visual impact is good.

8. No heating is required. It can be operated and restarted immediately, and it is not easy to have the light fading condition in the general charged discharge lamp after the power switch is switched on several times.

9. High-quality electrical equipment characteristics: high power factor, low current and low harmonic current, constant working voltage power supply system, and stable lumen output.

10. Installation adaptability: It can be installed in any direction without restriction.

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