• What factors affect the heat dissipation of LED floodlights?

    Although the led flood light is a cold light source, it does not mean that the led flood light does not generate heat. These are two completely different concepts. The heat dissipation effect of the led flood light directly affects the life of the led flood light. The main factors that affect the...
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  • How to choose outdoor LED products

    With the continuous improvement of LED light efficiency and the continuous development of LED products, my country’s urban lighting has fully entered the era of LED lighting. LED lighting technology is playing an increasingly important role in urban landscape lighting. At the same time, thi...
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  • What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of led flood light?

    Unscheduled maintenance can greatly increase the service life of LED floodlights. What are you paying attention to? The led flood light provides great convenience to our lives, and at the same time, if we want its function to be maintained, then maintenance is necessary. So what should be paid at...
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  • One light, one courtyard and one double, courtyard lights can create a romantic atmosphere for you

    The courtyard is our warm and comfortable habitat. The role of courtyard lights in the courtyard is not only lighting, but also an art. Interesting and unique courtyard lights decorate the courtyard, even if there is no WIFI, people can stay for a long time, just because the atmosphere is intoxic...
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  • Nest Cam with floodlights as a smarter outdoor security

    In addition to the indoor wired Nest Cam, Google also launched the Nest Cam with floodlights. Smart home devices and security cameras allow homeowners to glimpse outside the home even at night. Floodlights provide ambient lighting to welcome people to your home while preventing uninvited guests f...
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  • Raw materials and characteristics of floodlights

    Raw materials and characteristics of floodlights

    Floodlight, English name: Floodlight is a line light source that can be symmetrically directed in all directions. Its direct range can be adjusted at well. In the scene, it is mainly represented as a regular octahedron sign. Floodlights are the most common light source u...
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  • Briefly on how to dissipate the heat of LED flood light

    Briefly on how to dissipate the heat of LED flood light

    In the outdoor lighting of floodlights, Home Security Lights play an important role. Some special occasions, such as the lighting of squares, intersections, certain venues, etc., because of their particularity, or the lighting Requirements, sometimes high-power lighting ...
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  • Do LED floodlights need explosion-proof features?

    Do LED floodlights need explosion-proof features?

    The viewing angle of the projected light is wide or narrow, and the transition range is between 0°~180°, and the narrow light is called the illuminating lamp. The Home Security Lights is partially composed of electro-optical components, mechanical parts, and electrical ...
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