5 years long warranty outdoor waterproof and dustproof Courtyard lamp led garden light for landscape park

Color Temperature(CCT): 2700-6500 Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w): 120 Color Rendering Index(Ra): 70 Support Dimmer: Yes Input Voltage(V): AC 85-265V

Products Details

Model NO. Power(W) Light Source LED QTY (PCS) Lens(PCS) CCT(K) Lumen CRI
T08-15-30W 30 3030 64 4 4000k 130 >70
T08-15-40W 40 3030 64 4 4000k 130 >70
T08-15-50W 50 3030 64 4 4000k 120 >70
T08-15-60W 60 5050 32 4 4000k 130 >70
T08-110-80W 80 3030 108 9 4000k 130 >70
T08-110-100W 100 3030 144 9 4000k 130 >70
T08-110-120W 120 3030 144 9 4000k 120 >70
T08-110-150W 150 5050 72 9 4000k 130 >70
Item Symbol specification/Data
Color Index CRI Ra>70
Luminous Efficacy lm/W 120--140 lm/W
Energy efficiency Class / A++
Color consistency in level / Max.6SDCM
THD / <15%
Starting Time S <0.5S
Switching cycle before failure / >100,000times
Premature failure rate@1000h / 0
Lifespan H >50000Hrs
Electrical Characteristics Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz PF: >0.9 Power Efficiency: ≧0.90
Model NO. Size L(mm) Size W(mm) Size H(mm) Support pole diameter
T08-15G 300 300 451 76
T08-15L 300 300 160 13mm cable
T08-15D 300 300 305 60
Model NO. Size L(mm) Size W(mm) Size H(mm) Support pole diameter
T08-110G 478 478 613 76
T08-110D 478 478 320 60
T08-110L 478 478 176 13mm cable
Street light should fit with a wide range of applications, such as highway, express way, roadway, avenue, walking path or parking lot lightings. Considering this, SUNLE provides different light distribuTIon lens for theT08 Series street light to achieve best lighting effect in different applications. SUNLE follows the North American IESNA standard in providing the optional lens width ,TypeI, Type II ,Type III and Type V. Type I is suitable for walking path with 1 lane, Type II is for 2 lanes and Type III is for even more wider road, Type V is for parking lot. SUNLE selects the most suitable lens for its customers according to the detailed parameters project by project.TYPE I The Type I lens of sunle R06 series street light. In the IESNA Standard, The Type I distribution is great for lighting walkways, paths and sidewalks. It is generally applicable to where the mounting height is approximately equal to the roadway width.TYPE II The Type II lens of sunle R06 series street light. In the IESNA Standard, the Type II distribution is used for wide walkways, on ramps and entrance roadways, as well as other long, narrow lighting. It is generally applicable to where the width of the roadway does not exceed 1.75 □ mes the designed mounting height.TYPEII BLS The Type II BLS is a new light distribution developed based on Type II. BLS means back light shield. The light on the back of pole be reduced and the light in front of the pole be increased accordingly. It is generally applicable to where no need or need less light on the back of pole, such as residential area, high way, bridge and etc.TYPE III The Type III lens of sunle R06 series street light . In the IESNA Standard, the Type III distribution is meant for roadway lighting, general parking areas and other areas where a larger area of lighting is required. This distribution is intended for luminaires mounted at or near the side of medium width roadways or areas, where the width of the roadway or area does not exceed 2.75 times the mounting height.TYPE V The Type V lens of sunle R06 series street light . In the IESNA Standard,It is intended for luminaire mounting at or near center of roadways, center islands of parkway, and intersections. It is also meant for large, commercial parking lot lighting as well as areas where suticient, evenly distributed light is necessary.Installing steps Turn off the power before installing Make sure the model, rated voltage and wattage are the same with the design parameters Check the wire specification , Connect the wire,Through the waterproof connector, connect the L/N wire of the street lamp to L/N wire of the city electricity. 1. Put the light into the light stem 2. Fix the screw of handle 3. Check the installing of the light whether level or not. 4. Adjust the angle into which needed. 5. Check the the handle screw fixed or not, if loose, should make it tightly, torque is 16NM.

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